Turnkey Services

e-Supply Chain Management Services (e-SCM)

STATS ChipPAC uniquely delivers value across our customers’ supply chain by enabling efficient information exchange, inventory visibility and transactions through our e-business solutions. This allows our customers to make quicker and better business decisions, increase productivity and reduce wasted resources that impact their bottom line.

STATS ChipPAC is capable of managing all areas of the product-manufacturing node to efficiently deliver a product to the system manufacturer. We are equipped with a host of e-Supply Chain Management (e-SCM) tools to support customers in:
  • E-Forecasting
  • WIP Management and Reporting
  • Manufacturing Data
  • Cycle-Time Reporting
  • Order Release
  • E-Invoicing
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Ship Alerts

mySTATSChipPAC Customer Portal

Many of STATS ChipPAC's e-SCM services are delivered via the mySTATSChipPAC portal. Built using the Oracle9i Application Server Portal (Oracle9iAS Portal), mySTATSChipPAC is a web-enabled portal that seamlessly links to each customer’s manufacturing operations, forming a virtual extension of their global supply chain.

Based on a fully customizable and self-service web format, the mySTATSChipPAC portal provides customers with online access to real time WIP (work-in-progress) reports and other critical data from STATS ChipPAC's operations. mySTATSChipPAC allows customers to monitor and access STATS ChipPAC's services, from die bank inventory and production through to invoicing, after-sales support and drop shipment.

The mySTATSChipPAC portal provides a single point of access to the manufacturing information from all of STATS ChipPAC’s manufacturing facilities.

The mySTATSChipPAC database is refreshed hourly so that customers are updated on the latest manufacturing status of the parts. Reports available through the mySTATSChipPAC portal include:
  • WIP Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Drop Ship Inventory Report
  • Receiving Report
  • Scheduled Lots Report
  • WIP and Inventory Search Report
  • Ship Alert Report
  • Invoice Summary
  • WIP Inventory and Drop Ship Report
  • Test Binning Report
  • Debit and Credit Note Report
  • Main Process Transaction Report


Beyond standard process reports, customers can also use the mySTATSChipPAC portal to access Discoverer, a self-service online tool to easily create and schedule their own queries and reports on inventory levels, cycle time, drop shipment and other critical data from the shop floor operations.

Internet File System (iFS)

Using the mySTATSChipPAC portal, customers are also able to access iFS, an Oracle 9iDB database storage system that enables information sharing across boundaries, and is accessible using either a Windows or web interface. iFS benefits include:
  • Better content management (check-in/out)
  • search capabilities
  • access control
  • The ability to embed links to a URL for attachment (to reduce email storage)

RosettaNet Standards

STATS ChipPAC is capable of managing all areas of the product-manufacturing node to deliver a product to the system manufacturer. To enable B2B integration with different customer backend systems, STATS ChipPAC has adopted RosettaNet Industry standards to interface with our customers.

Some of the standards deployed include:
  • Order Management – 3A4, 3A8
  • Order Release – 7B5
  • WIP - 3D8, 7B1
  • Ship Alert - 3B2
  • Billing Process – 3C3, 3C4, 3C6, 3C7
  • Test/Assembly data – 7C7, 7C8

Benefits of B2B RosettaNet implementation to the customer include:
  • Better visibility to customers and trading partners
  • Better business engagement processes
  • Less human dependency
  • Productivity improvement
  • Consistent, secure and reliable data exchange
  • Shorter cycle times
  • End to end system feeds expandability to other sites