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STATS ChipPAC Semiconductor (Jiangyin) Test Profile

STATS ChipPAC Semiconductor (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd.
No. 78 Changshan Rd, Jiangyin
Jiangsu Province 214437
People's Republic of China
Tel: +86-510-6883-5858 

With a new state-of-the art test facility, STATS ChipPAC Semiconductor Jiangyin Co., Ltd. (JSCC) offers a full range of test and engineering services, including wafer probe, final test, system level test, memory test and post test.  JSCC’s  numerous automatic test equipment (ATE) platforms and PC based solutions support both its greater China customers and global customers on a broad range of mixed signal, RF, high-performance digital and memory semiconductor devices. 

Test Operation Highlights

  • Specializing in low cost test solutions at world class levels of quality and performance
  • Center of Excellence for testing of Flash memory devices, both single-level cell devices (NOR) and multi-level cell devices (NAND)
  • Established best practices in NAND memory testing from Center of Excellence in NAND testing 
  • Extensive experience with high throughput test solutions including:
    • Pick and place, 32 sites for mixed signal and 640 sites parallel test solution for memory
    • Gravity feed, 8 site parallel test solution currently running in production
  • 24/7 on-site product engineering support
  • Full service provider for 6”/8”/12” pad and bump wafer probing
    • In-house probe card maintenance capability for fast turn-around
    • Inkless map conversation according to customer format
  • Full service provider for final testing and system level testing
    • Tri-temp testing capability
    • In-house hardware maintenance capability for fast turn around
  • Post test (reel & tray out) and drop ship services
  • Test automation – RMS, test program auto download, online yield monitoring, real time tester utilization tracking
  • Test Detection System – First lot detection, piggy back, XY cord check, quantity check

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