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Strip Test

What is Strip Test?

Strip testing provides an economical test solution for a semiconductor market demanding increased miniaturization of wireless and consumer products that are requiring smaller and thinner packages.

The Strip Test process unifies assembly and test within a single assembly production line, where final electrical testing of devices is seamlessly performed within the assembly process while the package is still embodied within an assembly strip. Within this assembly process, the critical requirement for Strip Testing is the electrical isolation of the devices within an assembly strip before it is tested. A Strip Test production line also requires a special Strip Test handler and load board for delivering the devices to the tester while they are still in strip form.

Advantages of Strip Test

After optimization of STATS ChipPAC’s first Strip Test production line, STATS ChipPAC tested the same device on both a Strip Test production line and a conventional test production line using a pick-and-place handler. These production runs using the same device on both the old and new technology revealed the following benefits from Strip Testing:
  • Significantly lower retest from the visual alignment system that is standard on all Strip Test handlers
  • An opportunity to eliminate the Retest stage entirely since the difference between first pass yields and Final Test yields from Strip Test is negligible
  • Significant reduction in production cycle time by seamlessly integrating the test process within the assembly process
  • Significant increase in throughput because Strip Test places no constraints on parallel testing; parallel testing is limited only by the number of resources available on the tester
  • Elimination of the “normal” manufacturing stoppages (for example, handler jams and replacement of device tubes) associated with the testing of small packages
  • Reduction in physical handling, resulting in significantly fewer handling mistakes

      By design, Strip Testing enables High Parallel Test Solutions

Strip Test Solutions

A Strip Test production line must be customized for different assembly processes depending on the way a device is isolated within the strip for testing. STATS ChipPAC currently offers both a Punch Isolation and Saw Isolation Strip Test production line.

Punch Isolation

 Strip Test Process with Punch Isolation

Saw Isolation

 Strip Test Process with Saw Isolation



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