Metric Quad Flat Pack (MQFP)

STATS ChipPAC’s Metric Quad Flat Pack (MQFP) is a leadframe based, plastic encapsulated package with gull wing shaped leads on four sides. The MQFP is targeted at cost sensitive applications while providing a high degree of thermal and electrical performance. Offered in a wide range of body sizes and pin counts, the MQFP provides designers with the flexibility and convenience of meeting their packaging needs for a large variety of device designs.

STATS ChipPAC’s Heat Spreader Metric Quad Flat Pack (MQFP-d) is a thermally enhanced version of the MQFP package. Thermal enhancement is achieved by an embedded anodized aluminium heat spreader which is dropped in during the mold process. This process allows the use of a standard leadframe while offering an added margin of thermal performance for high power applications. The MQFP-d package offers 30% improvement (typical) in thermal performance over standard MQFP packages.


  • Body Sizes: 10 x 10mm to 28 x 28mm
  • Package Height: 2.0mm to 3.4mm
  • Lead Counts: 44L to 208L
  • Lead Pitch: 0.80mm to 0.50mm
  • Available in gold or copper wirebond versions
  • Limited number of open tool leadframe and die pad sizes available
  • Moisture Sensitivity: JEDEC Level 3
  • JEDEC standard compliant
  • Lead-free, Green and Low Alpha materials sets available

End Applications

  • ASIC
  • DSP
  • Gate Array
  • Logic / Microprocessors / Controllers
  • Multimedia and PC Chipsets
  • 3D graphics, telecom, wireless, audio, CPU


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