Copper (Cu) Wirebond

Copper (Cu) Wirebond

Copper wire


  • STATS ChipPAC is ready to engage on all wirebond package types and in all manufacturing locations (Singapore, South Korea, China )
  • QFN, QFP, TSOP, FBGA, FBGA-SD, PBGA, and PBGA-H package types
  • Advanced design rules supported for bond pad opening (BPO), bond pad pitch (BPP), stacked die and die-to-die bonding
  • Advanced assembly processes and materials including 0.6 mil Cu wire under development
  • Assembly yields with Pd-coated Cu wire comparable to Au at >99.9%

    Copper wire is increasingly becoming the material of choice for interconnection in wirebond packages. While copper has been used in the industry as an interconnect material for many years, recent increases in the price of gold wire have driven a rapid shift away from gold to copper as an attractive alternative to achieve significant package cost savings. Copper wire provides similar electrical characteristics and performance to gold wire, however, it also offers lower resistivity which can be a benefit where lower bond wire resistance is needed for device performance.

    Cost Benefits

  • Copper wire offers significant cost savings over gold wire and a hedge against continued increases in gold prices
  • Best Value BOM (BVB) available for each package for the most cost-effective copper wirebond solution

    Palladium-Coated Copper Wire

    Palladium-coated copper wire (Pd-Cu) recommended for all applications, fab nodes and development programs
  • Provides enhanced reliability
  • Improves corrosion resistance

    Copper Wirebond Considerations

    With significant experience with copper wire conversions, STATS ChipPAC understands the requirements for successful copper wirebonding. While the customer’s existing structure can be successfully utilized in many cases, STATS ChipPAC recommends the following “ideal” guidelines:
  • Thicker aluminum pad (>0.8um, ideally >1.0um)
  • Thick barrier metal layer under pad (Ti or W)
  • 0.4um larger bond pad vs Au to allow for metal splash

    Consult STATS ChipPAC for a review of your design for copper wirebond readiness.

    Broad Portfolio of Copper (Cu) Wirebond Packages

    STATS ChipPAC offers copper wirebond solutions in a wide range of leaded and laminate packages across all its manufacturing sites. The following package types are available with copper (Cu) wire, are fully qualified and ready for production:
      • FBGA
      • FBGA-SD
      • PBGA
      • PBGA-H
      • QFN 
      • QFP
      • TSOP

    Refer to the Copper (Cu) Wirebond datasheet for complete details of STATS ChipPAC’s copper wirebond capabilities.

    Full Turnkey Wirebond Services

    STATS ChipPAC is uniquely positioned to provide full turnkey processing to our customers. STATS ChipPAC offers full turnkey wirebond services ranging from design through production, including high speed, high pin count digital and RF testing.