Stacked Die Quad Flat Pack (QFP-SD)

STATS ChipPAC’s Stacked Die QFP offering includes LQFP-SD, LQFP-ep-SD and TQFP-ep-SD. LQFP-SD is a stacked die low profile QFP. LQFP-ep-SD is an exposed pad version that provides enhanced thermal performance. TQFP-ep-SD is a thin profile exposed pad version with enhanced thermal performance. STATS ChipPAC’s chip stacking technology allows the integration of multiple ICs within a single package to improve package performance and functionality while reducing overall package size and cost. The die to die wire bonding capability enables device/signal integration to improve electrical performance and reduce overall package I/O requirements. STATS ChipPAC’s Stacked Die QFPs with nominal package thickness of 1.40mm and 1.00mm are suitable for a variety of product applications. Stacked Die QFP packages are currently available in LQFP, LQFP-ep and TQFP-ep configurations, and are offered in standard and green/lead-free bill of materials.


  • Combining devices into one package reduces PCB real estate and cost
  • Increased sub-system performance by integrating multiple chips into a single package
  • Die to die bonding capability for device/signal integration
  • Standard and green/lead-free materials and Pb-free plating
  • Options for mixed technologies, 2 or more stacked dice
  • Fine pitch bonding capability
  • Exposed pad provides enhanced thermal performance
  • Low profile package thickness of 1.40mm (LQFP-SD and LQFP-ep-SD); 1.00mm (TQFP-ep-SD)
  • Lead pitch ranges from 0.80mm to 0.40mm
  • Pin count ranges from 32 to 144 leads (LQFP-SD), 100 to 164 leads (LQFP-ep-SD), 100 to 128 leads (TQFP-ep-SD)
  • JEDEC standard compliant package outlines

End Applications

Suitable for a variety of applications including memory integration (ASIC or Logic), chipset integration (Analog/ Digital), mixed technologies integration (Baseband/RF), handheld products (Cellular Phones, Pagers, MP3 Players, GPS), consumer electronics (Internet applications, Digital Cameras/Camcorders), computers (Network PCs), and PC peripherals (Disk Drivers, CD-R/RW, DVD Drivers).  


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