Flip Chip BGA

Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (fcBGA)

Flip Chip Ball Grid Array packages (fcBGA) form a subgroup of the Flip Chip package family. The fcBGA package is the main platform in this sub-group, which also includes bare die, stiffener only and a thermally enhanced version with one/two piece heat spreader or lid (fcBGA-H), System-in-Package (fcBGA-SiP) versions and a package subsystem meeting the standard BGA footprint that contains multiple components within the same package (fcBGA-MPM). Options also include configurations with thin core, Pb-free and copper column bumps. STATS ChipPAC’s Flip Chip BGA packages are available in ball counts ranging from 220 to 3000+, body sizes from 12 x 12mm to 55 x 55mm.

STATS ChipPAC offers a complete fcBGA portfolio for the network, computing and consumer markets. Demand for greater functionality and significantly higher processing speeds in consumer and networking devices is driving flip chip technology to provide cost effective, scalable packages with ultra low K dielectrics, high power integrity, superior thermal performance and higher resistance to electromigration (EM) in very large package sizes, with very fine bump pitches and lead-free solder.

Flip Chip interconnection provides the ultimate in miniaturization, reduced package parasitics and enables new paradigms in the area of power and ground distribution to the chip not feasible with other traditional packaging approaches. STATS ChipPAC offers full turnkey services ranging from design through production, including high speed, high pin count digital and RF testing.


  • Low cost, breakthrough, high performance packages
  • Superior thermal solutions
  • Package options ranging from bare die, stiffener only, and one/two piece heat spreader ABF buildup to 6-2-6; core thickness down to 200um; coreless substrate and grounded lid for high electrical performance
  • Body sizes range from 12mm x 12mm to 55mm x 55mm
  • Pb-free, Cu column, Eutectic or High Pb bumps (Cu column micro bumps in development)
  • Cu column with Mass Reflow (MR)
  • Bump pitch qualified: 130µm for Pb-free; 80µm for Cu column
  • 0.8mm BGA pitch
  • 40/32/28/20nm Si nodes with Extra/Ultra Low K die electric
  • Nitride, Polyimide, PBO wafer passivations qualified and in production
  • Ni-Au, Ni-Pd-Au, SOP (solder-on-pad), OSP (organic solderable preservative) and immersion Sn finish
  • Bumped wafer thinning down to 100mm for non-molded fcBGA
  • 200mm (printed, plated) and 300mm (plated) bumped wafers; RDL with 200mm and 300mm bumped wafers
  • Seamless integration of flip chip, SMT and in-line open/short testing operations
  • F/A metrology tools for rapid diagnostics and debugging, including TDR, CSAM, X-ray, Ion milling and SEM
  • All packages qualified to JEDEC specifications and/or custom requirements based on end applications


STATS ChipPAC offers a complete fcBGA portfolio of high to low-end packages for the Network, Computing and Consumer markets.
  • Networking solutions (ASIC, ASSP, Logic and others) for small cell base stations, network storage driven by Cloud computing and high speed/bandwidth Ethernet/network processors
  • Computing solutions for DDR4/5 Memory/Datacenter CPU, hybrid/Tablet APU, Graphics Processing Units (GPU), HDD storage migrating to flip chip, HDD/memory market Consumer solutions for DTVs, STBs, Game Consoles and the IOT (Smart Wired home)



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