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The 3C’s

From computing to consumer, STATS ChipPAC brings unique value to our customers through fully integrated, multi-site, end-to-end assembly and testing solutions.

Driven by consumer demand, the semiconductor industry is one of the largest and most diversified markets. According to Gartner Dataquest, the worldwide semiconductor market is expected to reach USD$368 billion by 2014.

A significant portion of this market comes from the “3C” market segments:
  • Computing
  • Communications
  • Consumer

STATS ChipPAC, a dedicated broad-based solution provider for the OSAT industry, is well aligned to the 3C market segments. Our solutions for the 3C market segments range from laminate and leadframe based products to flip chip interconnect, wafer-level packaging to highly complex 3D solutions.

Computing and Data Storage Solutions
The computing segment is the largest and most mature market among all other major semiconductor market segments. Approximately half of the computing segment revenue comes from data storage and processing, with the rest spanning across other peripherals like audio, video, graphics and LCD driver ICs.

Over the years, the PC market has proliferated and advanced into multiple sub-categories:
  • Enterprise Server
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)
Demand for computerization speed and functionality have increased in line with Moore’s Law, and will directly influence the technology direction of semiconductor packaging and testing solutions.

STATS ChipPAC provides world class packaging design, assembly and test of all the semiconductor chip families that are used in the computing market segments by industry leaders.

Find out how STATS ChipPAC can support your Computing and Data Storage application needs.

Communications Solutions
Space constraints within portable communication devices such as mobile phones, PDA’s, Bluetooth receivers, wireless modems and mobile broadband are driving the need for smaller and thinner packaging solutions to support increased performance and functional integration in a lower vertical profile.

As a result, the communication market is one of the fastest changing segments of the semiconductor industry and it has a significant impact on semiconductor packaging and testing technology.

Integration technology is now widely used, and can be found in a range of devices, from mobile applications to fixed networking communication equipment. 3D solutions like stacked die, stacked packages and multi-chip packages have contributed to increased product miniaturization and savings in board level real estate.

STATS ChipPAC offers a wide variety of advanced 3D packages for communication customers, customizing different functional blocks of multiple devices using the most cost effective solution. 

Find out how STATS ChipPAC can support your Communication applications needs

Consumer Solutions
The consumer market has become increasingly diversified, with voice, video and data converging to meet the rising demand for greater performance and higher data rate handling. Emerging “lifestyle connectivity” like digital home networking has driven the segment to grow rapidly in recent years. Digital HDTV, set top boxes, camcorders, video recorders, DVD players and gaming consoles are among the high growth products in this market segment.

Available assembly solutions for this market segment include mature and advanced packages like TQFP, TSOP, PBGA, FBGA and stacked die FBGA (FBGA-SD).

STATS ChipPAC provides these packages in high volume manufacturing, and is in the process of transitioning some of its conventional market solutions to advanced 3D integrated solutions to improve product performance and achieve smaller form factor.

Find out how STATS ChipPAC can support your Consumer applications needs.



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