Package Families

QFP & TSOP Package Families

A comprehensive range of Quad Flat Pack and Thin Outline package solutions
Package Configurations
LQFP-ep (thermally enhanced)
MQFP-d (thermally enhanced)
TQFP-ep (thermally enhanced)
TSOP-ep (thermally enhanced)
TSOP-SD (stacked die)

Leadframe Technology

Leaded or leadframe packages are the most widely used package type and are found in almost every electronic application, including automobiles, household appliances, desktop and notebook computers and telecommunications. Leaded packages have been in existence since semiconductors were first produced and are characterized by a semiconductor die encapsulated in a plastic mold compound with metal leads surrounding the perimeter of the package.

At STATS ChipPAC, we provide a comprehensive range of leadframe package solutions. From standard leadframe packages to low profile, small and thin, thermally enhanced packages, STATS ChipPAC offers leadframe packages to meet your needs. STATS ChipPAC's leadframe packages are available in a wide variety of body sizes, lead pitch, and are available in standard and green / lead-free bill of materials. Additionally, STATS ChipPAC's leadframe packages are assembled using industry proven materials and technologies to ensure long term performance and reliability.



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