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STATS ChipPAC Ltd. (“STATS ChipPAC” or “the Company” - SGX-ST: STATSChP) is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services. STATS ChipPAC’s full turnkey semiconductor solutions include package design, bump, probe, assembly, test and distribution services. We have the scale to provide a comprehensive range of semiconductor packaging and test solutions to a diversified global customer base servicing the communication, consumer and computing markets.

With a strong technology portfolio ranging from flip chip, wafer level and advanced 3D packages to leadframe and laminate based packages, STATS ChipPAC provides customers with innovative and cost-effective semiconductor solutions. We have a leadership position in advanced packaging technology including fan-in and fan-out wafer level packaging, flip chip interconnect, 3D integration and Through Silicon Via (“TSV”) to meet the increasing market demand for next-generation electronic devices with higher levels of integration, increased functionality and compact sizes. We provide wafer probe and final testing on a diverse selection of test platforms, with expertise in testing a broad variety of semiconductors for mixed-signal, radio frequency, analog and high-performance digital devices.

With corporate headquarters in Singapore, our global manufacturing facilities are strategically located in South Korea, Singapore, China and Taiwan (which includes our 52%-owned subsidiary, STATS ChipPAC Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation). We market our services through our direct sales force in the United States, South Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Switzerland. With an established presence in the countries where strategic semiconductor markets are located, we are in close proximity to the major hubs of semiconductor manufacturing which allows us to provide customers with fully-integrated, multi-site, end-to-end packaging and test services.

STATS ChipPAC is listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST).

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